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About Karla Norris

Karla Norris is a lifelong native of Coshocton, Ohio with deep roots and a genuine love of her community. In 2002 Karla and her husband, Jay, started their real estate journey by overpaying for their first two rental properties. Even so, they set their standards high and decided that they would provide quality rentals and attract quality tenants so that neighbors and neighborhoods would benefit and not suffer. Many years, properties, and renovations later, their new venture “Lemonade Properties” is off the ground and flipping has become their passion. Not only in Coshocton, but Holmes and Licking counties as well. Their genuine concern for seeing suffering neighborhoods turn around and thrive drives them to keep at it.

The world is full of cookie cutter agents that can walk any given client through a transaction with ease. Karla’s contacts, life-long residency, and seasoned insider’s expertise make her uniquely qualified to go above and beyond the average. She is thorough, detail-oriented and not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Karla, a cosmetologist for 32 years, and Jay, an electrician, carpenter, plumber, (and every other little thing) work hard and then work some more. They buy and sell, invest, manage, and flip. Real estate is a true passion.

Want a conversation starter with Karla? Here are some suggested topics: her kids, her Yorkies, shoes, football, books, pizza, decorating, remodeling, and real estate!

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